Why does my rabbit always have One Ear up?

Rabbit ears are incredible things. I mean, beyond the obvious (they’re really, really good at hearing, though listening is a different thing altogether) they’re just really good pieces of kit. One of my favourite thing about bunny ears is helicopter ears, which is the one ear up, one ear down thing. I don’t know why … Read more

Why Do Pet Rabbits die Suddenly?

Rabbits are much more delicate than pets like cats or dogs, BUT they don’t just randomly keel over. Listed below are some of the common reasons that rabbit’s lives can be cut short. By making yourself aware of some of these reasons, you can help your rabbit live a long and happy life. A few … Read more

Can You Keep Rabbits & Guinea Pigs Together?

Isn’t it strange how some things are so accepted and normal that it’s a bit weird when you find out that not is not advised, but it’s pretty dangerous. When I was a kid, having a rabbit and a guinea pig in a hutch together was totally normal. Personally I never did – we had … Read more

How Do I Make My Rabbit Not Scared of Me?

I know, I know, I’ve said it a million times, but here we go again: rabbits are prey animals. They’re naturally weary, skittish, and scared of animals a good ten times their size. But it can be a bit annoying when you’ve done nothing but love your bunny and they still act like you’re about … Read more

Do Rabbits Need to Go Outside?

I don’t think rabbits should be left unsupervised outside, but as long as you properly bunny proof the garden, there’s no reason why they can’t run around outside. It’s not necessary though. Your rabbit isn’t sat inside thinking ‘man, I wish I wish I could go outside’. As long as they have enough room inside, … Read more

Can Rabbits Miss You?

Rabbits can definitely miss you. Like you as a person, not just the Bringer of Food. It’s just that mine don’t. They literally dgaf. In fact, we got them during lockdown – March 2021 – and i think they were relieved when we returned to work three months later. Do rabbits recognise their owners? Yes, … Read more

How to Tell If Your Rabbit Is Sick

As I’ve mentioned a good twelve thousand times, rabbits are not forthcoming when they’re sick. A sick rabbit in the wild is a dead rabbit, so they’re incredibly good at hiding when they’re ill. But once you’re used to your rabbit’s behaviour, you can usually tell that something is up. There are often little clues … Read more

Treating a Rabbit With Runny Poop

Runny poop can be a sign that your rabbit is seriously ill, but it can also be a side effect of changing diets, or just a sign that a particular fruit or vegetable doesn’t sit well with your rabbit’s digestive systems. Take your rabbit to a vet If you notice that your rabbit has a … Read more

Why Can’t Rabbit Throw Up?

So, I used to work with a girl that went to medical school. When she came back to work the following summer, I asked her to tell me a cool fact that I might not know. She did NOT disappoint. DID YOU KNOW that humans are ALWAYS holding back the desire to throw up. When … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Have A Dewlap?

Dewlaps are one of those things that mny rabbits have but that you don’t always notice until one day they’d laid down, loafing and you see it and think ‘huh?’. Kind of like a butt skirt, which is when a semicircle of fur flicks out above a bunny’s butt. You always wonder if you’ve groomed … Read more