Can i Take My Rabbit In The Car?

Ah, travelling with rabbits. I don’t actually mind travelling with rabbits but oh my GOD make sure the cage is secure before you set off. You don’t want to reach your destination four hours later and discover a new nest has been bunstructed in the bowels of your rear seat. When we had to take … Read more

Should I let My Bunny Run Around The House?

Absolutely! Having a free roam bunny is awesome. They get plenty of exercise, lots of room to explore (rabbits are incredibly nosy), and they’re a pretty chill animal to hang out with. They won’t ask to be let out every ten minutes, they’re litter trained, and their poop doesn’t smell. Incredible. But having a free … Read more

How to Keep a Rabbit Cage From Smelling

Rabbits themselves don’t smell bad – we actually used to have a Dutch rabbit that smelled exactly like digestive biscuits. It was glorious. But rabbits are still animals and they can stink up the place if they’re not cleaned out regularly. Clean your rabbit’s litter box out regularly We have tiny bunnies and a big … Read more

How to Bunny-Proof The Garden

Let me just explain that this article will detail how to keep PET rabbits IN the garden, it’s not about keeping WILD rabbits OUT of the garden. Although one of the major points is building a rabbit proof fence, and I’m pretty sure they’re two way fences, so I guess it doesn’t matter which side … Read more

How to Make A Digging Box For A Rabbit

Rabbits dig. This isn’t a behaviour you can train out of them – it would be like trying training to train a dog not to sniff on walks – practically impossible, unnecessary, and kinda mean. But what you can do, to ensure your carpets are keep (largely) claw-mark free is invest in a digging box. … Read more

Should I cover My Rabbit’s Cage at Night?

In a word, no. There’s no reason why you should need to cover your rabbit’s cage at night. I’ll go through a list of reasons why you might want to cover your rabbits up at night, and then kind of debunk them. Then we’ll cover why it’s not a great idea, and what to do … Read more