DIY Pen For A Stray Rabbit

So, you’ve caught your stray rabbit and fed it. But what do you put it in? Firstly, you don’t need a hutch. In fact, you’re better off with a pen. Please bring the rabbit inside if you can – don’t put it outside in a shed or outhouse unless there is no other option. That … Read more

What Do I Do With A Stray Rabbit?

So, you’ve come across a stray rabbit. What the heck are you meant to do about it? Catch it I have a whole article on this. You can reach out to a rescue for help but bear in mind that they’re often low on manpower. Hopefully, it’ll be easy to catch. Fingers crossed! When it … Read more

5 Awesome Beds For House Rabbits

None of my rabbits have EVER slept in their beds. They prefer to sleep in the middle of the floor where I can trip over them, or in the corner of their pen where they can keep an eye on everything. Like so: But they do love a bed. Just not always for sleeping in. … Read more

Can You Keep Rabbits & Guinea Pigs Together?

Isn’t it strange how some things are so accepted and normal that it’s a bit weird when you find out that not is not advised, but it’s pretty dangerous. When I was a kid, having a rabbit and a guinea pig in a hutch together was totally normal. Personally I never did – we had … Read more

Can i Take My Rabbit In The Car?

Ah, travelling with rabbits. I don’t actually mind travelling with rabbits but oh my GOD make sure the cage is secure before you set off. You don’t want to reach your destination four hours later and discover a new nest has been bunstructed in the bowels of your rear seat. When we had to take … Read more

Should I let My Bunny Run Around The House?

Absolutely! Having a free roam bunny is awesome. They get plenty of exercise, lots of room to explore (rabbits are incredibly nosy), and they’re a pretty chill animal to hang out with. They won’t ask to be let out every ten minutes, they’re litter trained, and their poop doesn’t smell. Incredible. But having a free … Read more

How to Keep a Rabbit Cage From Smelling

Rabbits themselves don’t smell bad – we actually used to have a Dutch rabbit that smelled exactly like digestive biscuits. It was glorious. But rabbits are still animals and they can stink up the place if they’re not cleaned out regularly. Clean your rabbit’s litter box out regularly We have tiny bunnies and a big … Read more

Can You Keep A Rabbit In An Apartment?

Rabbits can make great apartment pets! They’re small, quiet (kinda), and they don’t smell! Many people still consider rabbits as being strictly outside pets, but I would consider them strictly inside pets. I occasionally let them run (supervised) in the garden, but they can absolutely live indoors 100% of the time. Mine don’t even leave … Read more

How to Bunny-Proof The Garden

Let me just explain that this article will detail how to keep PET rabbits IN the garden, it’s not about keeping WILD rabbits OUT of the garden. Although one of the major points is building a rabbit proof fence, and I’m pretty sure they’re two way fences, so I guess it doesn’t matter which side … Read more

How to Make A Digging Box For A Rabbit

Rabbits dig. This isn’t a behaviour you can train out of them – it would be like trying training to train a dog not to sniff on walks – practically impossible, unnecessary, and kinda mean. But what you can do, to ensure your carpets are keep (largely) claw-mark free is invest in a digging box. … Read more