Why Is My Rabbit Breathing Fast?

If you think that your rabbit is breathing more quickly than usual, get them to a vet. I KNOW that all I ever seem to recommend when a rabbit is acting unusual is whisk them off to the vet, but it’s because rabbits hide illness and pain so incredibly well that by the time they’re … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit Thumping?

How much your rabbit thumps will vary a lot. I’ve had rabbits that have never thumped, but the two I have now are nig on thumping. The little disabled one doesn’t do it much, but we have to pick her up to clean her out and sometimes we get a sassy little thump. Holly thumps … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit Sneezing?

When I first had rabbits, I’d panic every time one of them sneezed. If you put ‘rabbit sneeze’ into google there’s just a lot of panic about how rabbits can’t get colds so they probs have some death disease and anyway you should really start planning their funeral. And then I got a sneezy rabbit. … Read more

Rabbits as pets: Pros & Cons

Please don’t tell my rabbits I made a pros and cons list. But then, if they cared that much they wouldn’t chop on a cardboard box at 2am. Why house rabbits make great pets Rabbits are cheap to feed A big-ass bag of rabbit food costs about £20 and lasts months. I prefer to buy … Read more

How to Train A Rabbit to Be Friendly

There’s a common misconception out there that rabbits are naturally friendly, and er, that’s not necessarily true. In reality, a rabbit’s temperament is just part of who they are, and you can’t really change that. However, much like dogs, you can modify your behaviour to be a better caregiver to your bunny If your bunny … Read more

How to Bunny-Proof The Couch

I have never gotten a new sofa. We’ve always got hand me downs. Why? Er, because there are few things rabbits prefer to chew on than the corners of couches. You know, the same places that cats love to scratch. If you’re wondering if your rabbit will destroy an item of furniture, always start off … Read more

How to Bunny-Proof Under The Bed

If you’re looking for an answer to the question ‘why the hell does my rabbit insist on going under my bed every chance they get’ I’m afraid I can’t help you. I don’t know what switch flips in their brain to make under the bed the ultimate destination, I just know that it exists. We’ve … Read more

Which Pet Should I get? Rabbit or Dog?

This feels like a slightly seedy article to write, because I love both animals. Heck, I love ALL animals. Even sharks and wasps. But some animals are more suited to your lifestyle than others. Sure, dogs and bunnies are both cute, but are you willing to walk a dog in below zero temperatures on dark … Read more

How do you punish a rabbit?

Oh, lol, you can’t. Like cats, they dgaf. Do rabbits understand punishment? Honestly, I don’t know. Like most animals, rabbits live in the present. They don’t have hopes and dreams past their next meal, and if you punish them for something, there’s a pretty hefty chance that they have no idea which of their behaviours … Read more