Why does my rabbit always have One Ear up?

Rabbit ears are incredible things. I mean, beyond the obvious (they’re really, really good at hearing, though listening is a different thing altogether) they’re just really good pieces of kit. One of my favourite thing about bunny ears is helicopter ears, which is the one ear up, one ear down thing. I don’t know why … Read more

How Do I Make My Rabbit Not Scared of Me?

I know, I know, I’ve said it a million times, but here we go again: rabbits are prey animals. They’re naturally weary, skittish, and scared of animals a good ten times their size. But it can be a bit annoying when you’ve done nothing but love your bunny and they still act like you’re about … Read more

Can Rabbits Miss You?

Rabbits can definitely miss you. Like you as a person, not just the Bringer of Food. It’s just that mine don’t. They literally dgaf. In fact, we got them during lockdown – March 2021 – and i think they were relieved when we returned to work three months later. Do rabbits recognise their owners? Yes, … Read more

Why Can’t Rabbits Throw Up?

So, I used to work with a girl that went to medical school. When she came back to work the following summer, I asked her to tell me a cool fact that I might not know. She did NOT disappoint. DID YOU KNOW that humans are ALWAYS holding back the desire to throw up. When … Read more

How Often Should A Rabbit’s Nails Be Clipped?

Ah, the dreaded task of clipping a rabbit’s nails. I’ve had rabbits for nearly 20 years, so I’ve clipped my fair share of nails, and only been bitten once in the process. How often should you clip your rabbits nails? So the rule for this SHOULD be that you only need to clip then when … Read more

What to Expect When You First Bring a Rabbit home

Bringing new pets home is always exciting, but it’s important to be prepared for what might happen. All animals will react differently when they’re first brought home, but I’ve found that the few hours with your new bunny vary WILDLY from rabbit to rabbit. I’ve had rabbits that hid for hours, I’ve had rabbits that … Read more

How to Pick up a rabbit

Don’t pick up a rabbit. I’m not joking. They hate it, and they kick and scratch and bite and somehow manage to shoot 50% of their fur up your nose. Some rabbits don’t mind being picked up. Some actually LIKE being picked up. But 9 out of 10 rabbits (this is a figure I made … Read more

How Do You Show Dominance to A Rabbit?

I have an article about punishing rabbits, during which I discuss how hard it is to punish a rabbit. If you yell at them they just get scared, rather than being like ‘ah yeah, I get why you’re mad’. Dogs have learned how to look guilty (spoilers: they don’t actually care) but rabbits and cats … Read more

Why Does My Rabbit Throw Herself On Her Side?

Rabbits can be seriously overdramatic. There are dozens of instances of this, but the force with which they throw themselves onto the floor is a great example. But…why? Why do they do this?? And why do they do it with such force?? SURELY it must hurt? I can’t IMAGINE just flinging myself to the ground … Read more

Can Rabbits Understand Human Language?

Dogs definintely can. Cats can, but choose to ignore it. Rabbits are more akin to cats when it comes to understanding humans. I know my rabbits know their names. I KNOW that when I say ‘OI HOLLY!’ Holly understands that I mean ‘stop fucking chewing the fucking sofa’ but she actually doubles down and starts … Read more