How Do I Make My Rabbit Not Scared of Me?

I know, I know, I’ve said it a million times, but here we go again: rabbits are prey animals. They’re naturally weary, skittish, and scared of animals a good ten times their size. But it can be a bit annoying when you’ve done nothing but love your bunny and they still act like you’re about … Read more

Can Rabbits Miss You?

Rabbits can definitely miss you. Like you as a person, not just the Bringer of Food. It’s just that mine don’t. They literally dgaf. In fact, we got them during lockdown – March 2021 – and i think they were relieved when we returned to work three months later. Do rabbits recognise their owners? Yes, … Read more

Why Can’t Rabbit Throw Up?

So, I used to work with a girl that went to medical school. When she came back to work the following summer, I asked her to tell me a cool fact that I might not know. She did NOT disappoint. DID YOU KNOW that humans are ALWAYS holding back the desire to throw up. When … Read more

How to Pick up a rabbit

Don’t pick up a rabbit. I’m not joking. They hate it, and they kick and scratch and bite and somehow manage to shoot 50% of their fur up your nose. Some rabbits don’t mind being picked up. Some actually LIKE being picked up. But 9 out of 10 rabbits (this is a figure I made … Read more

How Do You Show Dominance to A Rabbit?

I have an article about punishing rabbits, during which I discuss how hard it is to punish a rabbit. If you yell at them they just get scared, rather than being like ‘ah yeah, I get why you’re mad’. Dogs have learned how to look guilty (spoilers: they don’t actually care) but rabbits and cats … Read more

Can Rabbits Understand Human Language?

Dogs definintely can. Cats can, but choose to ignore it. Rabbits are more akin to cats when it comes to understanding humans. I know my rabbits know their names. I KNOW that when I say ‘OI HOLLY!’ Holly understands that I mean ‘stop fucking chewing the fucking sofa’ but she actually doubles down and starts … Read more

Why Does My Rabbit climb on Me?

In my experience, rabbits are avid climbers when they’re young, and then the desire to be a mountain goat and climb their human like a tree drops off a bit. Rabbits like to be up high I mean, it makes sense. The higher up a rabbit is, the more they can see and the faster … Read more