Can Rabbits Eat Banana?

Rabbits eating banana is one of those facts that you can go your whole life without knowing, and then bam, you join a rabbit Facebook group and it’s the subject of at least one post a day. Is banana poisonous to rabbits? No, they’re not, but they’re also not that great for them. They’re not … Read more

What Are The Best Rabbit Treats?

Rabbits are greedy little creatures that put on weight easily. They’ve evolved to eat food quickly to make help them get as many calories as possible whilst avoiding predators (they eat so quickly they have a digestive system that relies on them eating their own poop). Due to this need for them to constantly graze … Read more

Do Rabbits Need Salt?

Yes, they do, but they don’t need supplementary salt. At least, they don’t unless your vet has told you that they do. But a healthy rabbit with a good diet (85% hay, 10% veggies, 5% pellets) will get all the salt they require from their diet. Do Rabbits need salt licks? No, but that won’t … Read more

Do Rabbits Need to Eat Grass?

No, but it’s a great, cost effective addition to their diet. They’ll still need hay though. When I was a kid, our rabbits used to eat a lot of grass. We’d pick swathes of it for them every morning. But it was more of a cost thing – why pay for veggies when the grass … Read more

Do Rabbits Need Pellet Food?

In short, no. Your rabbit can live a long, perfectly healthy life without eating pellet food. I mean, it makes sense. Wild rabbits don’t eat pellets. Sure, they also only live for a couple of years, but that generally isn’t to do with dietary constraints, just like early man’s lack of sugar in their diet … Read more

Are Lilies Poisonous to Rabbits?

Yes, lilies are poisonous to rabbits BUT not to the extent that they are to cats. It’s not actually clear what it is in lilies that caused such severe (like, fatal) kidney failure in cats, but it seems pretty feline-specific. BUT Do NOT encourage your rabbit to eat lilies. Keep bunnies and lilies (and pretty … Read more

How do you give rabbits water?

rabbit in grass

Traditionally rabbits drink from those bottles that have a little ball in them and make an annoying noise. For the longest time I thought I was a bad rabbit parent because our rabbits were totally free roam (or would have been if they weren’t terrified of stairs) and there was nowhere to put a bottle. … Read more