Why Can’t Rabbits Throw Up?

So, I used to work with a girl that went to medical school. When she came back to work the following summer, I asked her to tell me a cool fact that I might not know. She did NOT disappoint. DID YOU KNOW that humans are ALWAYS holding back the desire to throw up. When … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Have A Dewlap?

Dewlaps are one of those things that mny rabbits have but that you don’t always notice until one day they’d laid down, loafing and you see it and think ‘huh?’. Kind of like a butt skirt, which is when a semicircle of fur flicks out above a bunny’s butt. You always wonder if you’ve groomed … Read more

Why is My Rabbit’s Stomach Gurgling?

If you’ve never had rabbits before, you would be SHOCKED by how loud their little bellies can be. Like, it is STAGGERING. And can also be worrisome, because of how delicate little bunny bellies can be. A rabbit’s stomach gurgle isn’t always a cause for concern, but it can be, so it’s worth familarising yourself … Read more

Which Foods Cause Gas In Rabbits?

Some rabbits are more prone to gas than others, and if yours is, you need to keep a close eye on what they eat. A rabbit’s digestive system has to keep working constantly in order to function effectively, and gas can hinder the process. Excess gas can cause GI stasis, which can be fatal, so … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit fat?

This isn’t a rabbit fat shaming post. It’s intended to help you feed your rabbit the best possible diet whilst also acknowledging that some rabbits are naturally fat. I have a lot of experience with fat rabbits, and it can be a nightmare. We were told that our rabbit had one of the highest levels … Read more

Do Rabbits Have Periods?

Ern no, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after your rabbit during her….time of the month. Because she doesn’t have a time of the month. Or maybe it’s always her time of the month. Anyway. Rabbits don’t have periods – they are induced ovulators Lucky, eh? Although, I do think scientist should be … Read more

How Often Should A Rabbit’s Nails Be Clipped?

Ah, the dreaded task of clipping a rabbit’s nails. I’ve had rabbits for nearly 20 years, so I’ve clipped my fair share of nails, and only been bitten once in the process. How often should you clip your rabbits nails? So the rule for this SHOULD be that you only need to clip then when … Read more

Do Bunnies Need to Be Brushed?

I’m not fastidious about brushing my rabbits often BUT I make sure to groom their coats often, even if only by hand, and, crucially, both of my rabbits are short haired. (Short furred?) I get how cute long-haired rabbit can look, especially super fancy ones like Angora, but before you commit to a rabbit that … Read more

Can i Take My Rabbit In The Car?

Ah, travelling with rabbits. I don’t actually mind travelling with rabbits but oh my GOD make sure the cage is secure before you set off. You don’t want to reach your destination four hours later and discover a new nest has been bunstructed in the bowels of your rear seat. When we had to take … Read more

When to Take A Rabbit to The Vet

I’m one of those annoying people that always tell people to take their rabbit to the vet at the slightest sign of ill health. I know it’s annoying. I know the vet is expensive. But also, I’m not a vet. I’d hate to give advice that didn’t include a vet visit and then find out … Read more