What’s the best breed of rabbit for a first-time owner?

I need to preface this article with a disclaimer: breed does NOT guarantee temperament. In any animal. For every sweet and loving Lionhead, there’s a total arsehole. I always advocate getting a rescue rabbit – here’s why There are SO many rabbits in rescue centres. When we were looking for Holly and Daisy, we came … Read more

Are house rabbits high or low maintenance?

This is quite a hard question to answer – all pets are high maintenance to some degree. Personally, I find house rabbits low maintenance because they fit in really well with my lifestyle and I love spending time with them. I don’t intend this article to make you think rabbits are low maintenance – I … Read more

What’s the perfect house rabbit set up?

house rabbit lying on the floor

The idea that rabbits live outside in hutches in firmly entrenched in the minds of many people. Most, probably. Which is sad, because not only do rabbits need a lot of space to get adequate exercise, but you see so much more of their personality when they’re tearing around your living room. Where should my … Read more

How do you litter train a rabbit?

rabbit sitting on desk

Ok, first and foremost here, you need to keep your expectations in check. I’ve taken care of a lot of rabbits, and I’ve never had one that was completely untrainable. That being said, some are better than others. The occasional poop on the floor is totally normal. Only one of mine (ironically the most feral) … Read more

Do rabbits like to cuddle?

rabbit being cuddled

It’s everyone’s dream to have a rabbit that bounces over to sit beside you on the sofa and snuggle up to you. Unfortunately, that’s only the reality for some lucky rabbit parents. I believe that whilst you gain your bunny’s trust, and encourage them to accept pets, it’s almost impossible to change your rabbit’s attitude … Read more

Do house rabbits make good pets?

lionhead rabbit

Er, of course they do. House rabbits make awesome pets. Seriously though, rabbits are just as good a pet as a cat or dog. Better, actually. Why house rabbits are my favourite pets House rabbits really suit my lifestyle. I really love animals but I like weather, so having a rabbit that I can exercise … Read more

Is it normal for rabbits to fight?

two rabbits in a planter

It’s very normal for rabbits to fight. Even a bonded pair may have the odd little scuffle, and two rabbits meeting for the first time will probably have a fight (big or small) to sort out who’s dominant. Do rabbits fight in the wild? Rabbit fights look (and can be) brutal – think fur flying … Read more

Why is my rabbit shaking their head?

rabbit and stuffed rabbit toy

Right, I’m starting off this post on a slightly scary note, so I want to assure you before you run screaming to the vet, that my rabbit is a head shaker. She does it to tell everyone that zoomies are soon to be on the agenda, but she likes to leave a 30 second gap … Read more

Why do rabbits need to be neutered?

I’m aware that a lot of people don’t regard neutering small animals to be necessary, but I urge you to neuter your rabbits. Hell, and your dogs and cats too. I don’t agree with breeding animals for pets to the extent that I would prefer that nobody had pets if it meant that none would … Read more

Why did my rabbit stop using the litter box?

Litter training a rabbit is actually pretty simple (depending on the rabbit) in comparison to e.g. house training a dog. A lot of people are unaware that it’s even possible to litter train a rabbit, never mind that it’s actually pretty simple. Please note that the level to which you can train a bunny varies … Read more