Do Rabbits Need to Eat Grass?

No, but it’s a great, cost effective addition to their diet. They’ll still need hay though. When I was a kid, our rabbits used to eat a lot of grass. We’d pick swathes of it for them every morning. But it was more of a cost thing – why pay for veggies when the grass … Read more

Do House Rabbit Repellants Work?

In short, it depends on your rabbit. Some are completely unfazed by them and will continue chewing regardless, others are horrified by the foul new smell/taste and will henceforth leave your baseboards alone. Rabbit repellants shouldn’t be used instead of proper rabbit proofing. The general rule of thumb to follow is that if you don’t … Read more

Do rabbits like being chased?

Please don’t chase your rabbits unless you’re sure that’s what they’re after. I don’t have a tonne of experience here – only one of my rabbits LOVED to be chased (to the point that she’d draw blood until we chased her) – but if I’d have read her body language earlier maybe she’d have calmed … Read more

Do house rabbits chew wires?

Yes, yes they do. And here’s the important thing that I need you to understand: if you have a bunny that likes to chew wires, you CAN’T train it out of them. Ok, ‘can’t’ probably isn’t true. Some rabbit could probably learn not to chew wires, BUT chewing is part of being a rabbit. It’s … Read more