How do you give rabbits water?

rabbit in grass

Traditionally rabbits drink from those bottles that have a little ball in them and make an annoying noise. For the longest time I thought I was a bad rabbit parent because our rabbits were totally free roam (or would have been if they weren’t terrified of stairs) and there was nowhere to put a bottle. … Read more

Do house rabbits need to be vaccinated?

Ok, this is going to be a short post, because it turns out that no, some rabbits don’t need to be vaccinated. Here in the UK it’s recommended that you vaccinate your rabbits, whether they’re house rabbits or not, but in the US, you don’t. I assume the diseases we vaccinate against here aren’t over … Read more

Are house rabbits high or low maintenance?

This is quite a hard question to answer – all pets are high maintenance to some degree. Personally, I find house rabbits low maintenance because they fit in really well with my lifestyle and I love spending time with them. I don’t intend this article to make you think rabbits are low maintenance – I … Read more

Why is my rabbit shaking their head?

rabbit and stuffed rabbit toy

Right, I’m starting off this post on a slightly scary note, so I want to assure you before you run screaming to the vet, that my rabbit is a head shaker. She does it to tell everyone that zoomies are soon to be on the agenda, but she likes to leave a 30 second gap … Read more

Why do rabbits need to be neutered?

I’m aware that a lot of people don’t regard neutering small animals to be necessary, but I urge you to neuter your rabbits. Hell, and your dogs and cats too. I don’t agree with breeding animals for pets to the extent that I would prefer that nobody had pets if it meant that none would … Read more

Why did my rabbit stop using the litter box?

Litter training a rabbit is actually pretty simple (depending on the rabbit) in comparison to e.g. house training a dog. A lot of people are unaware that it’s even possible to litter train a rabbit, never mind that it’s actually pretty simple. Please note that the level to which you can train a bunny varies … Read more

How do I get my bunny to eat hay?

bunny splooted

Teaching your rabbit to eat hay can seem like a fruitless task (there’s a joke in there somewhere because fruit can help), but it’s really worth it. Kinda like teaching your kids to eat vegetables. Ok, exactly like teaching your kids to eat vegetables. Here are the main points covered in getting bunnies to eat … Read more

Are rabbits ok living alone?

grey and white rabbit

This article doesn’t intend to shame anyone for only keeping one bunny. Some rabbits genuinely prefer to be on their own. I’ve had single buns before – once because her mate died a couple of years before she did, and another that was too aggressive for a mate. Eventually, we were hoping to bond her … Read more

Is it better to keep rabbits indoors or outdoors?

I’ve kept house rabbits for over a decade. When I first got a rabbit, I had no choice. There was no outside space whatsoever. The house only had one door to the outside and that opened right onto the street. No one, (read: my mother) really questioned it*. I mean, what other option did I … Read more