How much do pet rabbits weigh?

As rabbit owners, it’s important to keep an eye on our rabbits’ weight. But it’s not that easy. For a start, there are many shapes and sizes of rabbits. Your rabbit’s sex and age can affect their weight. And that’s before we hit the real issue: how to get your rabbit to stay still long … Read more

How do you give rabbits water?

rabbit in grass

Traditionally rabbits drink from those bottles that have a little ball in them and make an annoying noise. For the longest time I thought I was a bad rabbit parent because our rabbits were totally free roam (or would have been if they weren’t terrified of stairs) and there was nowhere to put a bottle. … Read more

What should I feed my house rabbit daily?

rabbit in grass

Feeding rabbits is neither complicated nor expensive, but it can hard work delving through all the information that’s out there. Rabbits have very delicate digestive systems and they have to eat very frequently to keep it in optimum condition. They’re also very greedy – or at least mine are. If i give them a bowl … Read more

How do I get my bunny to eat hay?

bunny splooted

Teaching your rabbit to eat hay can seem like a fruitless task (there’s a joke in there somewhere because fruit can help), but it’s really worth it. Kinda like teaching your kids to eat vegetables. Ok, exactly like teaching your kids to eat vegetables. Here are the main points covered in getting bunnies to eat … Read more