Why Does My Rabbit Follow Me?

Just a heads up for those of you looking for a rabbit. Some rabbits love nothing more than to spend the day following their human about. So pick one that contrasts sharply with your flooring/blankets. I’m not joking. My mum has a black cat and had to get rid of her black blankets because the … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit Hissing At Me?

Rabbits hissing is not something you come across that often, and I know that because when we had a hissy rabbit, no amount of googling got me any results. Only one of my rabbits has been a frequent hisser, though he very helpfully taught this behaviour to his mate. Thanks, George. Your rabbit is mad … Read more

Can Rabbits Have Anger problems?

Yes, rabbits can just be naturally angry, just how you can get the odd random angry cat. But don’t always assume anger as a personality trait can’t be worked on. I’ve had an angry rabbit. It ain’t fun. But angry usually comes from somewhere, and whilst you may have to accept that your rabbit is … Read more

Why Are My Rabbits Fighting?

Unless you’ve kept/are interested in rabbits, you were probably blissfully unaware of what scrappy little fighters they are. They certainly didn’t mention it in Peter Rabbit (though Watership Down got it right). Fighting is normal in rabbits, especially if they’ve not been properly introduced. You can’t just decide to buy your rabbit a friend and … Read more

Will Two Female/Male Rabbits Fights?

Ok, when it comes to animals, it’s so so important to remember that these are living creatures that REFUSE to follow the rules. If any of you keep fish, you’ll know what I mean. The cutest, most well behaved little cichlid may very well decide to eat his mates one day, totally out of the … Read more

How Do Rabbits Show Affection to Each Other?

How rabbits show affection to each other (as opposed to how they show affection to us) can vary wildly BUt there seems to be a few intrinsic behaviours that they engage in to strengthen their bind. How strong a bond is between two rabbits can vary a lot, and it seems to be dependent on … Read more

Why Do Rabbit’s Noses Twitch?

I used to work next door to my vets, so whenever my rabbits had surgery, I’d go round when I finished to see if the rabbits were ready to pick up. I was allowed to take them home earlier than other clients because I lived about two minutes away. Usually, a rabbit wouldn’t be allowed … Read more

Why Do Rabbits Grind Their Teeth?

Rabbits grinding their teeth can be a good thing or a bad thing. Unfortunately, learning which griniding is good and which is bad takes experience. For one thing, not all rabbits are the same. Some are loud grinders, some are soft grinders, and some never seem to grind at all. I say this a lot, … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit Biting me?

If you’ve never been bitten by a rabbit, consider yourself lucky. It hurts like hell. Luckily, I don’t think they’re particularly dangerous, so just look after it like it was a cut. Rabbits don’t have the same kinds of bacteria in their saliva that a lot of omnivorous/carnivorous animals have, though obvs keep an eye … Read more

Why Is My Rabbit Staring at Me?

As animals go, you can’t get more stare-y than a rabbit. It can be unnerving when a rabbit stares as you (though not as unnerving when they’re staring at what looks like nothing) because they have massive eyes and they don’t blink very often. They also don’t let up. Don’t enter a staring competition with … Read more